A content plan that works for you every step of the way


Creating a content plan is not as easy as throwing a couple of lines of copy together. Other than having a brilliantly written wit to it, content planning has its peaks and valleys requires alignment from your marketing, sales, and operational teams. However, creating a steady flow of content that relates to your audience and … Read moreA content plan that works for you every step of the way

Is Facebook Advertising still a thing?


Many marketers have reaped the rewards of Facebook’s mammoth audience. With no surprise, Facebook is like a household name. It is a cross-generational social media platform with over 1.65 billion users. That’s a lot of people which makes Facebook advertising crucial to a social media marketing plan. According to Emarketer, f advertising funds are being utilized … Read moreIs Facebook Advertising still a thing?

Socializing your social media reporting

Ever sit in a meeting where the hour felt like an eternity? Asking yourself, what is the point of all these numbers? It’s not uncommon hearing all the latest buzz worlds with very little substance behind the point of it all. These meetings sometimes lack the basics, which is why are we here? Socializing your … Read moreSocializing your social media reporting