Summertime review is not just about sun, sand, and seas


Whenever we think about the summertime, thoughts of the sun, sand, and seas pop into your mind. As some of the United States starts the phases to reopen, people are dashing to the beaches for some much-needed sun. After all, a few months of spring hibernation will cause anyone to lose their Vitamin D reserves. I’m sure you can’t get away from bouncing beach balls and waves crashing against the shores away from the top of mind, but let’s try.

Socializing your social media reporting

Ever sit in a meeting where the hour felt like an eternity? Asking yourself, what is the point of all these numbers? It’s not uncommon hearing all the latest buzz worlds with very little substance behind the point of it all. These meetings sometimes lack the basics, which is why are we here? Socializing your … Read moreSocializing your social media reporting

The power behind ERP and CRM


With all these acronyms floating around, what does it all mean? Although CRM is a commonly used acronym for the customer relationship management system, ERP is not as known but equally important. These tools are powerful and go hand in hand to deliver, leverage and power data collected from all points of your business. But, how are they different?