Omnichannel marketing: Let’s get started

When I start to think about Omnichannel marketing, it’s not difficult to get tangled in the web of channels that interact with this approach. However, it is important to understand what and how an omnichannel marketing approach can help you.

Omnichannel marketing

In its basic form, omnichannel marketing is the way you align content delivery across multiple marketing channels to deliver a consistent content journey for the buyer’s journey and maybe even beyond that. It is important to note that omnichannel marketing approaches the fact that consumers are not consuming data on one single platform. They are using multiple platforms online to do research as well as some in person. The purpose of omnichannel is to deliver one single content strategy and it is consistent across all channels.

The approach

In an earlier article I wrote this month, I wrote about the 5 stages of the customer journey and how that impacts what type of messaging is delivered and the importance of consistency. Omnichannel has a few components I would like to share to help guide you on making the customer journey more seamless:

  1. Marketing channels – This component is related to identifying which channels your audience is most active on. These are the channels you have to increase your presence.
  2. Consistency – I think this one is a given. However, making sure that all your channels have one clear consistent message is harder than you think. If you are working within a large organization, some alignment with different areas will be needed to get it right.
  3. Personalization – In an article, I wrote about understanding your customer, I mention how knowing and understanding your customer is key to personalization. Customization of your messages based on what they like at the right time is a big component of the omnichannel marketing approach.
  4. Review, tweak, and modify – Optimizing your efforts should always be part of any marketer’s approach. Channels change and evolve as well as customers who use them. Make sure you are reviewing metrics and KPIs to ensure you are making changes as quickly as things occur.

This approach requires time and effort, however, in the long run, the holistic mindset and approach will greatly increase your conversions and minimize cost for acquisition. What quick wins have you encountered utilizing the omnichannel marketing approach? Share your thoughts and comment below. And don’t forget to read up on other marketing-related geeky stuff on my blog.

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