Start with the why not the how.

Why is it that some companies since to “get it” more than others? Do they have some sort of DeLorean that helps them predict the future? Why do their products resonate more with consumers than others?

Simon Sinek addresses why some brands just get it in his famous Ted Talk. Simon Sinek is a best selling author and explains why brands like Apple are so extraordinarily successful in almost everything that they do. His principle is simple, start with the why.

What is starting with the why?

Simon describes this concept, the “Golden Circle”.

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The “why” represents the fundamental belief of the company. Sounds basic but it means why the company or business exists

It is followed by the “how”. This is the part of the circle of how the why is executed.

Then, the “what”. This means “what” the business does to fulfill that belief (why).

In Simon’s research, he found that most companies start with the “what” and quickly realized that most marketers don’t even know the “why”.

How can I apply this?

Although it sounds simplistic, finding the “why” for your business may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Is your marketing aligned with your core beliefs? One of Simon’s points is that having loyal customers is attracting people who fundamentally share your same beliefs. So, it makes sense that talking about your “why” and the value of your product will lead to higher engagements and conversions. This leads to a whole new way of looking at your customer personas and re-strategizing how you target them.

Is your business looking at the “why”? What lift have you seen by implementing a similar approach? Share your thoughts and comment below. And don’t forget to read up on other marketing-related geeky stuff on my blog.

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