A content plan that works for you every step of the way

Creating a content plan is not as easy as throwing a couple of lines of copy together. Other than having a brilliantly written wit to it, content planning has its peaks and valleys requires alignment from your marketing, sales, and operational teams. However, creating a steady flow of content that relates to your audience and takes a humanistic approach across all stages of the buyer journey will have your consumers engages and your sales team smiling. But how important is it to create a content plan along the buyer journey that pops?

Maximizing the content in every stage

According to Isaac Justesen at Constant Content, although it is a challenge to deliver relevant and engaging content to prospects at different stages of the buyer’s journey, you can create content and optimize it at every stage of the journey by understanding your audience. Hubspot marketing gurus agree and “it’s important to understand your audience: how they think, the answers they seek, and the path they tend to take to find a solution.”

 You can simplify your stages and group into a journey that has three layers to the funnel:

 1.     Top of the Funnel: Awareness

 During the awareness phase, your audience is looking for answers that meet a need or solve a problem. Tailoring content to meet those needs on blog posts, social content, and ebooks are imperative to provide relevance.

2.     Middle of the funnel: Evaluation

 At this layer of the funnel, you’ve got their attention. According to Hubspot, this where you want to show why your solution to their problem or need is the best fit. Content is key here to nurture a lead, build relationships, and establish trust.

3.     Bottom of the funnel: Purchase

 At this point in the content journey, they are ready to purchase. Tailoring your content is key to provide the right offer which will have a dramatic impact on lifting conversions.

Content is king but it is increasingly more important to utilize a content plan that works at every stage of the journey. Any spectacular content plans? Share your thoughts and comment below. And don’t forget to read up on other marketing-related geeky stuff on my blog.

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