Is Facebook Advertising still a thing?

Many marketers have reaped the rewards of Facebook’s mammoth audience. With no surprise, Facebook is like a household name. It is a cross-generational social media platform with over 1.65 billion users. That’s a lot of people which makes Facebook advertising crucial to a social media marketing plan. According to Emarketer, f advertising funds are being utilized on Facebook for display advertising even more so than Google. However, Facebook has encountered some rough waters over the last couple of years. So, is Facebook Advertising still a thing?

Facebook is still popping

Even with rising concerns for privacy and data collection, Facebook continues to be a key platform that allows laser targeting capabilities through its ad manager platform. Emarketer predicts that the audience for Facebook users with drastically change pushing away younger audiences. So, depending on your target audience, Facebook is still a thing.

Here’s a couple of reasons why:

1. The Facebook advertising platform is quite powerful. It allows you to laser-focus your target based on demographics, psychographics, and even predictive algorithmic behaviors.

2. Its platforms have a great tool for split A/B testing that does all the heavy lifting however what most alluring of Facebook is its ROAS (return on ad spend). The cost for acquisition and conversion is very low and with the massive reach, this platform continues to be a win for marketers. 

Some marketers have become wary of the platform because of all the negative press however Facebook continues to outperform at a great price. How has Facebook Advertising helped your campaigns? Any wins you’d like to share? Share your thoughts and comment below. And don’t forget to read up on other marketing-related geeky stuff on my blog.

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