Does your brand of an attitude problem?

Does your brand have an attitude problem? Do people sneer at the mere mention of it? Nowadays brands do have their attitude and development of that “tude” comes from how brands want themselves to be perceived as or the direct formation from consumers built from years of your brand stimuli. But now what are the main reasons that attitudes form?

The attitude

According to this FireBrand Marketing article which research methodologies on attitude formation, there are four reasons for attitude:

  1. Utilitarian – It seems according to research that we develop positive attitudes towards things that may lead to a perceived gain and things that we lose as negative attitudes. For example, you may like eating a certain food for its health reasons and not eat another one because of its sugar and fat.
  2. Knowledge – Our attitudes can help us understand the world around us by allowing us to evaluate it. giving us a framework to evaluate it. So, if you have many options of yogurt in from of you, you usually select the one you’ve had liked in the past.
  3. Value-Expressive – We tend to form attitudes that reflect our values and values from those around us.
  4. Ego-Defensive – That one is exactly what you think it means. We form an attitude to from anything which threatens our ego or sense of self-worth.

Impact on the marketing approach

These attitudes have a direct impact on the marketing approach which I will get more in detail about in a later article. It includes low-involvement hierarch, high-involvement hierarchy, experiential hierarchy, and behavioral influence hierarchy. These are not necessarily provided in any particular order as these hierarchies can be experienced at different stages and different orders. Stay tuned for more on this topic.

So, our attitude does have an impact on consumer perception and how it directly correlates with our brand image as well. What’s your attitude approach? Share your thoughts and comment below. And don’t forget to read up on other marketing-related geeky stuff on my blog.

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