Social media: Lurkers, searchers, and buyers

It almost seems that using social media to drive conversions is nearly impossible these days. It’s difficult when you have lurkers and searchers. And, almost all companies are using social media to drive a product or service to almost all types of audiences. Consumers are becoming increasingly numb to tactics from even the savviest of marketers. Even what is known as native ads across different platforms are easily passed on by consumers. So, how can we use social media to drive conversions or leads and get lurkers and searchers into buyers?

Understanding the landscape

Social sales are on the rise although it is becoming increasingly more competitive. The good thing is, according to a report from Sprout Social is that consumers that follow a brand are 77% more likely to buy from that brand.

Consumers follow brands for a reason and according to Sprout, it is all about the new products or services you are offering or how entertaining your channel is. Maybe it’s that new enhancement you made to your product or it could be that woman screaming at the cat meme that they can’t stop laughing at. Regardless of the reason, if they’re following you and you have the opportunity to entertain, inform, and convert them to a sale.

From lurking to buying

All brands have that group of followers that are just lurking and possibly engaging with your content but not buying anything. Although engagement is great and thumbs up to brands who have millions of followers and thousands of likes, at the end of the day, the great buzz isn’t going to pay the bills and keep the lights on.

Here a few simple ways to get lurkers into buyers:

  1. According to Sprout Social, 45% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service from actual employees of the brand. Companies are seeing a bigger return on investment from their biggest assets, their employees that amplify their message,
  2. Making your landing page experience seamless and mobile-friendly is key. That seems like a given but are you adjusting your mobile-friendly pages to mimic platforms your audience most uses? If it’s Instagram, is it as easy to use? According to Brent Barnhart, at Sprout Social, “Not only can you appeal specifically to mobile consumers, but also better assess the behavior of your social shoppers.
  3. Don’t make it all about you. According to Chloe Mason Gray at Neil Patel, strategies that include content on relevant thought-provoking, enriching and even emotional content that may not necessarily be about your brand, can have a halo effect that creates a feeling of nostalgia. “Posts that ask nothing from your audience and simply make them laugh, incite feelings of nostalgia or inspire them––often get the highest number of shares, likes and comments, which may turn to sales.”

Those are some very simple ways to increase conversions on your organic and paid efforts however another way can be by utilizing or engaging with influencers that your audience’s value. According to Chloe Mason Gray, not Miss Gray, “Asking influencers (with whom you already have a relationship) to tweet your content to their followers.”

And there you have it, some tips on switching lurkers to buyers. Have any advice on engaging and converting lurkers? Share what you’ve done. And don’t forget to read up on other geeky marketing stuff on my blog.

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